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Bus Information – Updated, Important, Please Review

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District is pleased to inform you that service for all normally eligible students (according to Government policy) will start effective Thursday morning, October 1st. For a summary of how eligibility is determined, as well as how bus routes and bus stops are developed, please see the District’s Bus Route & Stop Design Guidelines. Seating plans will be developed for the updated routes at a later date once the courtesy seating process has concluded. However, we ask that students continue to follow the general loading procedures as follows:

  • Load from back to front;
  • Siblings sitting together; and 
  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 students sitting up front as applicable

Please go to the District’s website and select the school bus icon on the far right that is  associated with your school to locate the student’s bus route, bus stop, and pickup/dropoff schedule. 

Or use the following link below to go through the various routes to determine which route is closest to your address.

There are a total of 9 buses:

Buses 1-7 are S&D transport,

a second bus 1 (20-841-1 is run by Gladney’s)

and a third bus 1 (20-857-1 is run by R Hayes Bus and Charter Services.)


Even if a student was eligible for transportation on the first day of school and assigned a bus route, please review the updated routes on the website because the student’s bus route and/or pickup/dropoff times may have changed with the redesign of bus routes and extra buses.

We ask for your patience as there may be delays to the pickup/dropoff times as we work out any issues that typically arise when new routes are implemented at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work through this unprecedented situation.

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