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Please see below for information on how to set up a CDLI account to review.

CDLI has resources available for high school  (and some Intermediate) courses students are able to use as they continue to work through their courses from home etc.  
A CDLI account is required to access most of the resources, but the process of signing up for an account is fairly straightforward. Instructions on how to sign up for an account and access the resources is attached.

  1. Student Tutoring àCDLI tutoring services will continue. Students are able to avail of these services as per the tutoring schedule on our tutoring website,  Caveat: Tutoring may be interrupted this week as all of our tutors are MUN students and given the university is closing, they will need to move out and back home. We are hoping regular tutoring hours will resume next week (March 23 on).
  2. Student Resources à CDLI has the following resources available for students. Where possible, please ensure parents are aware of these.
    1. Course Review – Students will require a CDLI account to access these resources. A tutorial is attached that you can send to your students/parents on how to access the resources.
    2. Learning Resources – We have resources for many course areas that students can use to help keep pace with their current courses – both face to face and online. Check them out on our website. CDLI account required to get access to all resources.
    3. YouTube Video Videos – We have several video resources on YouTube. Search for CDLI on to find them. TIP:  These work great on mobile devices 

Note:  These resources are available at any time to any student or parent. It is not intended to replace any instruction or information a classroom teacher would provide. They are supplied as is and meant only to supplement any information schools are already using/deploying etc.

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