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June 3 Announcements

  • Any student who would like to attend the concert on Friday at WVH is asked to bring in their permission slip by tomorrow.
  • There is symphonic band period 2 and an important jazz band practice period 4 today.
  • There will be a ten minute extended homeroom for Grade 9 students to complete their nominations for the Grade 9 Spoof Awards.
  • The Grade 9 Boys basketball team finished their Junior High basketball yesterday (Sunday) on a high by winning the league championship against Holy Trinity 61 to 53 with Cameron Stanford receiving player of the game. It was a close game that went back and forth but the Saxons continued to dig deep and pulled ahead in the final period to win the league banner.  It was a great team effort with all the boys stepping up at key times during the game. They are a great bunch of boys with great heart and we wish them all well with their High School basketball!
    • The team voted on the MVP and most Sportsmanlike player for the year with Marc Mcshane getting MVP and Reegan Noftall most sportsmanlike.
  • Congratulations to the Duke of Ed students who completed their 10km practice hike this weekend. Remember to get your report completed as soon as possible. Keep an ear out for a meeting regarding the details of the qualifying hike sometime this week.

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