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March 19 Announcements

  • Coding Club will be going ahead tomorrow at lunchtime in the LRC. Bring your lunch and a friend.
  • As a part of our French week celebrations, there will be a daily trivia question. Each homeroom will submit a final answer to their teacher after announcements. At the end of the week, a winning homeroom will be selected and will awarded a small prize. Here is today’s question :  French is one of 4 official languages in this country known for its cheese, chocolate, and cuckoo clocks. Name this country.
  • There is concert trumpet period 3 today and no jazz band after school. Jazz band is cancelled today.
  • Vaping sessions will begin promptly at 8:15.  Teachers should see my email for start times for their classes.  Classes have 20 minutes maximum. If classes could leave rooms a few minutes early and be ready at gym entrance that would speed things along.  We will enter through the entrance to gym on room 227 side and exit through gym entrance on 201 side. Please talk to students about being on best behavior to set a good example.
  • Drama club full rehearsal today after school today.
  • All of Mr. Chapman’s PE classes will be in the upstairs computer lab today.
  • Sciences Humaines 7-4 are asked to have their textbook with them for class this morning.

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