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March 14 Announcements

Happy Pi Day!:

All of yesterday’s pi day memorization winners please go to Ms. O’Keefe’s room at recess today to compete against the winners of all homerooms. Homeroom winners were: Rhiannon Peddle, Emily Evoy and Kate Piercey, Colin Murphy, Mulah Hsa, Michael Richards, Emma Jones, Chloe Clarke, Claire Kirby, Ziad Lftisi. I wonder who will be the winners of the gift cards?!

Also, right before lunch every student in the school will be given a scavenger hunt to complete during lunch with a partner. There are prizes once again for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!! Ms. Power will be in her room at lunch – pass your answer sheet into her as soon as it’s complete. Good luck!!

  • Can all students and chaperones see Ms. Power at some point today to get fitted for their hoodies.
  • Today there is concert flute period 2
  • The French Department at BJH is proud to announce French week from March 19-22. This is part of the international Rendez-vous de la francophonie which is celebrated each March. Theme days, trivia every day on the announcements,and a traditional Parisian café to cap off the week!
    • Tuesday, March 19- French shirt day
    • Wednesday, March 20- blue and white day
    • Thursday, March 21- beret day
    • Friday, March 22- stripe day/blue, white and red day. French café in AM. Hot chocolate, croissants and cream puffs will be sold for $1-2.

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