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February 26 Announcements

  • GSA will meet today in Rm. 223 at lunch time.  Come at the bell and bring your lunch.
  • Creative Writing Club will meet tomorrow at lunch time in Rm. 223.
  • Coding Club will be going ahead tomorrow, Day 7. Bring along your lunch and a friend!
  • A reminder of the mandatory meeting at recess today in Mr. Roberts room for all students going to White Hills on Friday.
  • All grade 9 students writing the math competition please go to room 222 at the beginning of period 1. Grade 7’s will be called during period 2 (wait to be called please) and Grade 8’s please go to room 222 right after recess. Don’t forget your calculators, pencils and rulers.
  • All students participating in the math league tournament, there is a very brief meeting in Ms. Peddle’s room today at lunch (room 221).
  • There is concert Trumpet period 3 today and Jazz band after school.

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