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Duke of Ed – Meeting #2

There will be a second meeting for students involved or interested in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program on Monday, February 4th in room 204 (Ms. O’Keefe). This meeting is to touch base and make sure all students involved are clear on the process of the program

To recap, this is an international recognized program for young people (ages 14-24), designed to promote skills to equip youth for life and work. Components of the program involve opportunities for young people to develop skills, gets physically active, give service and experience adventure. This program is highly student driven to promote independence. However, here at our school, we have three teachers on staff who have received training to assist with the program- Ms. Cheryl O’Keefe, Mrs. Marie Hefferan and Mrs. Rachel Cook. Below, is a brochure regarding the program and a link to the website for further information:

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