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Scenes from Ultimate Frisbee Tourney

The Beaconsfield Junior High team held their first ever SOTG tournament on January 12th-13th, soon to become a semi-annual event.  Due to floor renovations, the tournament was delayed from the weekend of December 9th, the 11th of which was international SOTG day.  Originally 8 teams were registered, but only 4 teams were unable to participate.  In December’s tournament (2018), a “miscellaneous” team will be invited to play (from schools that may only have a few players) so that all players who want to can toss a disc (MISC team name was borrowed from the national junior girl’s team in 2015).

Teams that did participate include St. Matthew’s Elementary, and junior high teams from Villanova, St. Kevin’s and Beaconsfield.

Tournament winners were St. Kevin’s (red) who received a banner and discs, and tied for most spirited winners were Villanova (blue) and Beaconsfield (black), who received spirit discs.  An honourable mention goes to St. Matthew’s for playing so competitively, especially against much taller and older players.

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