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BJH Gay Straight Alliance

The BJH GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) will meet on Day 6 at lunch time with Ms. Lee-Ivany.  Students should bring a lunch from home on that day.  BJH GSA is a group that promotes a safe and inclusive school for LGBTQ students.  We strive to create an environment not just for safety for all, but of acceptance and celebration of all.  Upcoming events are SOCKTOBER to collect new warm socks form homeless youth for THRIVE and October 19th is Purple/ Spirit Day where we send a message that bullying will not be tolerated!

We will soon be taking orders for our BJH GSA t-shirts and our Pride toques are for sale now for $5.  If anyone would like to volunteer wool or knitting skills you can contact Ms. Lee-Ivany by email with your interest or for the easy pattern!

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