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When school communities work together… students reap the rewards

This was most evident on Saturday, September 17th as the Beaconsfield Junior High School Community joined forces for a school grounds cleanup with students, parents, staff and the School Council working together.

As a continuation of the school “Beautification Project”; an initiative started by the 2015-16 School Council, we are pleased to share that over 50 bags of grass and shrubs were collected. The cleanup-up crew also managed to mow the front lawns/parking area and school grounds in front of the school. With the support of a community volunteer, we were also able to cut and trim the foliage surrounding the school itself. The results were immediate and most pleasing to the eye.

With the recent placing of a number of new picnic tables, students are now able to enjoy lunch and socialize in the main outside area of the school grounds.

Also note, the school recently replaced the old signage at the entrance of the property with a new, highly visible attractive Logo that was voted on by the 2015-16 school community. We are also exploring ways to improve the overall landscape of the grounds. All help will be greatly appreciated.

We believe the property is worthy of a huge make-over and our students deserve to learn in a physically attractive environment. As a school community, we have a responsibility to make this happen.

Please stay tuned for future changes to the appearance of Beaconsfield Junior High.

R. Peter McDonald


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