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Kids Eat Smart & BJH

Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador is proud to partner with your community to support a nutrition program at our school. Research has shown that good nutrition contributes to increased attention and improved grades. It also shows that nutrition programs at school contribute to better attendance and improved behaviour. With BJH’s Kids Eat Smart Club, students can enjoy a variety of healthy foods such as bagels, yogurt, cheese, milk, juice and fruit. The Club is open to anyone who missed breakfast, couldn’t eat before their bus ride, or enjoys socializing and eating with their friends.

Beaconsfield Junior High has been offering a KES Breakfast Program since 2007. Our program is offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and is made possible by the volunteer efforts of staff, parents and students. As well we offer an Open Cupboard during first lunch for students who occasionally forget or do not have a lunch. Both of these programs are driven by donations.

If you would like to make a donation of funds or of product (Milk, juice, cheese strings, yogurt tubes, bagels, cheese whiz, margarine, jam, cheese slices or bread), the impact is doubled as Kids Eat Smart will match any donation!

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your support. Please contact Katherine Bussey, Breakfast Club Coordinator at with any questions.


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