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Information for parents on the Final Science Exam

The end-of-year Intermediate Science Exam is a Scientific Literacy Assessment, counting for 10% of the final grade in the course.  This is a common exam prepared for all students in the Eastern School District at each grade level, and it is NOT a cumulative examination covering all the material taught during the year.  The Unit Tests which students write at the completion of each unit are the final evaluation for that material, and the fourth Unit Test in each grade level will be written during regular classes just before the exam week.

The Scientific Literacy exam which students will write during the June exam week consists of two parts:

  • Data analysis: a simple experiment is described, results are reported, and students are asked to graph and interpret the results.
  • Case Study: students read an article on a science topic (choosing one of two articles offered) and answer comprehension questions.

This exam is not something you can “study” in the sense of memorizing information, though advance practice is obviously helpful.  Students will receive practice packages consisting of questions from past exams, and will work on this in class in the last week after their Unit 4 test is completed.

If you have any further questions regarding final evaluations in science, please contact your child’s science teacher.

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