BJH Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Participants

By now you should be well in to your Duke program. Volunteer time, logging of physical activity and continued personal development should be under way. It is time now to begin training for the Adventurous Journey, coming up in the spring.

There are 4 areas of training which are REQUIRED before the outdoor adventure. We will be doing these training sessions during lunch. You must attend one session for each of the four areas.

. Gear: March 8 or March 13

2. Trail Ethics: March 19 or March 21

3. First Aid: March 28 or March 30

4. Map and Compass: April 18 or April 25

*You must bring your lunch on these days as the session will take the entire lunch period.

**You must bring your Duke book with you to each session.

Ms. Brooker and Ms. Genge

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